In the process of making a collage animation, artists cut-out pieces out of an image (e.g human, object, texture etc) and assemble them in Adobe After Effects.
Then these image pieces are animated individually along with illustrations, cell animation and textures to create a unique collage look and feel. All these moving cuts made up what is called a “collage animation”.

A mock 2D photo collage styled explainer video advertising nose plugs. :D 
A mock advert animation project for The School of Motion.
Design and illustration by the great and powerful Ariel Costa. 
Animation by Roslynn Lemmer.

A mock 2D photo collage styles explainer video advertising explainer services :P 
A mock explainer animation project for The School of motion.
Original design and concept by Nol Koenig, the best design teacher on the globe. 
Redesign and motion graphics animation by Roslynn Lemmer. 
Models Craig Sheffield, Lynn Chou and Micah Thompson.
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