As a dedicated creator of video and motion graphics content, I am deeply committed to driving positive change in the world, with a particular focus on sustainability, the environment, and social impact. My ultimate goal is to lend my skills and creativity to NGOs, where I can contribute to their mission through compelling social media videos, graphics, and educational technology content.
Here are some key projects that exemplify my commitment to these causes:
1. Interactive Sustainability Education: 
I've produced over 35 animated instructional videos for MAD Courses, an international ed tech company. These videos are designed to engage and educate students about the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. By weaving together interactive elements and real-life case studies from indigenous groups in the Philippines, we showcase the incredible social, economic, and environmental changes these communities are driving. It's a powerful way to inspire the next generation to become change-makers. Here are some scenes from the courses. Check out the courses at
2. Promoting Environmental Initiatives:
 I collaborated with the Taiwanese NGO, "Tse-Xin Organic Agriculture Foundation," to create a series of impactful 1-minute promotional videos. These videos highlight their diverse programs, ranging from tree planting to advocating for plant-based diets and conducting plastic clean-up initiatives. Through captivating visuals and storytelling, I've helped raise awareness and mobilize support for their vital environmental causes.
3. Advancing Eco-Landscaping:
I crafted a product reel for a Cayman Islands-based eco-landscaping company, Pitmoss. This dynamic video promotes the use of recycled materials in potting mixes, a move that significantly reduces carbon emissions for gardeners and landscapers. By showcasing the company's commitment to sustainability and its tangible environmental benefits, I've contributed to driving change at the grassroots level.
My passion for sustainability and environmental advocacy is at the core of my work. I am eager to continue leveraging my skills and creativity to collaborate with NGOs, helping them amplify their messages and inspire positive change. Together, we can make a meaningful impact on the world's most pressing issues, one video at a time.
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