My name is Roslynn.
I am a motion graphics designer and video content creator. Dive right into my portfolio, and don't hesitate to whip me a line. :) 
I am Roslynn Lemmer. I animate 2D motion graphics!​​​​​​​
"I've been working with Roslynn for many months and I really enjoy it. She edits all videos for my YouTube channel (2 per week) and also helps me with bigger courses outside of YouTube. It's a huge help for me since both of us can focus on what we know best. Roslynn has always been very communicative and reliable with her work. It never happened that I got a video too late, even at times where I was only able to submit a video 2 days before release. Oftentimes, I didn't have a clear vision of a new style I'd like to have in my videos, but she always put something together that looked really good. Hoping to work with her for many more months :)"
Philipp L. |PL CODING

"Rozz has done animation, video, and photography work for me on various projects in the past 4 years. She has always delivered outstanding results while remaining professional and always a pleasure to work with. Highly recommend! "
"Roslynn came into the MAD courses team as an animator and showed up with continuous support and persistence to create more than just videos. Roslynn helped a developing team understand the processes for creating effective and dynamic videos. She was able to level up the courses in a new and exciting way that we never imagined. With Roslynn’s expertise in education in Asia, she brought in her experiences as an educator to improve the quality and delivery of the materials.
Roslynn has shown exceptional organizational skills by working with various designers and creators on this project she always delivered excellence within short deadlines across multiple time zones and the complexities of a small distributed team.I recommend Roslynn to work with any team looking for a creative expert for an animation or education position. I look forward to collaborating with Roslynn on future projects and know that any team will be lucky to have her skills and expertise!"
Kelly Davis | Ed Tech Consultant
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